Easy to see the air pressure gauge
Enlargement of the gauge from Φ40 to Φ50 improved the visibility.

Improved operability of air and water supply valves
Adoption of ball bulbs enabled 90 degree operation to open and close .

Improvement of the air hose
Introduction of one-touch system to the connection simplified the detachment process and adoption of resin hose reduced the loss caused by inflation of the air hose.

Improvement of the primary power source connection
Changed to the terminal system with a cover considering safety.

Enhancement of temperature monitoring
In addition to transformer and thyristor, secondary terminal is monitored. Prevents temperature increase caused by forgetting to disembogue coolant water.

Change of cooling method of thyristor
Changed from direct cooling to indirect cooling to prevent electric leak from the cooling hose.

Change in the size of anchor fixing part

The anchor volt length has been changed from 60mm to 6mm.

Improvement of starting switch
Responding to the various starting systems, direct connection to the timer terminal block has been enabled.

Environmental consideration
Review of parts and improvement of surface treatment of ram reduced environmentally burdening substances.



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